Directional Sense

cover of Directional Sense
Were you born with no sense of direction? Does the mere thought of navigating twisting hospital corridors, deciphering cryptic expressway signs, or fumbling with cumbersome maps fill your heart with dread? If so, you need this trusty guidebook, which explains that finding your way around is a learnable skill, not a mysterious instinct you're doomed to live without. A lighthearted introduction to the ins and outs of wayfinding, it provides step-by-step guides to follow signs, reading maps, recognizing landmarks, using GPS devices, and more. Along with anecdotes describing how everyone gets lost at times, and photos showing how being turned around is not always your fault, Directional Sense offers a wealth of practical advice to help you confidently get from here to there...and back. "Everyone who has ever been late for an appointment, missed a flight, or stood up a date because they lost their way will find both solace and instruction in this terrific book. It's chock full of fascinating facts, amusing stories, and practical information to help wayward travelers of all stripes." -Colin Ellard, author of "You Are Here: Why We Can Find Our Way to the Moon, but Get Lost in the Mall"
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