Our Mission

Panoramic view of the store
Over the past 34 years we have noticed an appetite steadily building for well-designed products that look as good as they function. Are you wondering how to curb that ‘appetite’ of yours?

That’s where ‘we’ come in…..

Our focus is on socially and environmentally responsible products and technology that are not easily available elsewhere.

IHCDstore.org is our web-based retail showcase expanding our audience while offering IHCD’s community access to the latest information on the international world of universal design. We have created a retail operation that serves to build community around the making, participating, and living with human centered designs.

So, now you may be asking yourself, “how exactly do you make a human centered design?”

That’s where ‘you’ come in……

With in our physical retail space ongoing user research, and product assessments takes place with our customers as the experts. IHCD’s design and consulting work rests upon two core beliefs: First, design is powerful and profoundly influences our daily lives through our sense of confidence, comfort, and control. Second, variation in human ability is ordinary, not special, and affects most of us for some part of our lives. To satisfy these beliefs we rely upon individuals we have gallantly coined as ‘User-Experts’. We are Designers putting the power back where it belongs, with the users.

So stop by and tell us what’s not working for you.